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Solea Laser

Solea Laser - Dental & Snoring Treatment

At Apple Dental Group, Dr. Rodriguez – Dr. De La Camara specialize in treating patients that require dental care but are looking for more predictable and more successful treatments.

Apple Dental Group offers Solea dental laser treatments in Miami Springs – Miami. Solea is used in various dental treatments that deliver more predictable results and offer fast recovery times.

What Is Solea Dental Laser?

Solea is an FDA-approved, isotopic CO2 dental laser that can be used for a wide range of procedures, including cavity and snoring treatments.  The laser was created to improve the patient care, increase efficiency, and allow dental providers to treat pain while keeping discomfort to a minimum.

Benefits of Solea

There are many dental conditions that require the removal of teeth, bone, and gum tissues. Solea dental laser was designed to substitute dental drills and other handheld devices in order to produce a more enjoyable experience for patients.

Some of the benefits of this device include:

  • It is fast and accurate
  • It is able to vaporize gum, bone, and other types of oral tissue
  • Can be used for various dental treatments
  • Able to treat snoring
  • Does not anesthesia
  • Little to no anxiety for patients


How Does Solea Work?

Solea dental laser is powered by CO2 and it is able to vaporize any type of oral tissue without physical contact.  Solea allows Dr. Rodriguez & Dr. De La Camara to treat patients that need cavity fillings and dental surgery without the use of needles, drills, or lengthy discomfort.

Furthermore, Solea dental laser can also be used to suture any incisions, which eliminates the need for multiple appointments (stitches removal).

Solea Sleep - Snoring Treatment

Solea Sleep

Solea Sleep is a simple low-power application that provides rapid relief for snoring by tightening the soft palate and decreasing vibrations that cause patients to snore.  Unlike other laser sleep treatments that require up to 4 sessions lasting 30 minutes each, Solea Sleep is a single, non-surgical treatment that takes about 5 minutes to administer with long-lasting results.

How Does Solea Sleep Work?

Solea Sleep provides rapid relief for snoring by tightening the soft palate and decreasing vibrations that cause patients to snore.  Laser energy disrupts the cross-linking of collagen fibers in the tissue layers of the soft palate, causing collagen to contract and increasing the stiffness of the tissue.

Cells and collagen, now in closer proximity, may also form new connections that further increase tissue stiffness over time.  By tightening these tissue layers, Solea Sleep reduces the vibrations that cause patients to snore.

To learn more about Solea and the different conditions it can be used for, contact Apple Dental Group to request an appointment.

Solea sleep snoring treatment

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