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Dental Implants Miami Springs | Doral Dental Implants Near You
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Dental implants

Best Kept Secret in Miami: Dental Implants

Dental implants look and function as if they were your own original teeth. Now you can have one or more missing or damaged teeth replaced by Miami Springs implant dentist, Luis Rodriguez D.D.S.. Each tooth can be permanently replaced, anchored into the jaw itself, offering a more natural alternative to a dental bridge or dentures.

Having a healthy strong jawbone and healthy gums should make you a great candidate for a tooth implant. During the procedure, the dentist will insert a metal anchor into the jawbone. The two fuse together to form a permanent bond. Later, an artificial tooth or crown is attached, leaving your smile looking 100% natural.

At Apple Dental Group we know that many of our patients are concerned about dental implant cost. Please don’t let that prevent you from considering this natural-looking, comfortable and permanent solution to damaged, diseased or missing teeth.

Our friendly staff will be pleased to explain a wide range of affordable financial options to fit your budget.

Dental Implant Prices:
Can I Afford It?

Deciding whether you can afford dental implants can be a complicated process. Dental implant cost depends on many factors including your own overall health, the complexity of the problem, whether additional bone grafting may be necessary, and the cost of the materials used.

We accept various insurances, and we offer a FREE consultation, so give us a call at (305) 884-2751. We will be happy to talk with you.

The Single Tooth Solution

Though Miami dental implants are a great option for restoring multiple missing teeth, it’s also a perfect solution if you’re missing only one tooth. In that case, Miami Springs’s Dr. Rodriguez can implant a device in the jawbone surrounding the missing tooth which serves as a replacement for a tooth root and an individual crown. This unique solution is referred to as a single-tooth implant crown.

Once in place, the implant crown looks, feels, and functions like your natural tooth. It’s cleaned and flossed just like your other teeth, and unlike bridges or other restorations, you don’t need special tools to clean around your new tooth. You will need to practice effective oral hygiene, however, and the friendly staff at Apple Dental Group will be happy to talk to you about caring for your mouth.

Before - After

dental implants before and after image

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implant Surgery

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a permanent artificial tooth replacement.

Who should you see about getting dental implant surgery?

When getting a dental implant, you should select a dentist or dental team with in-depth knowledge and prior experience with all aspects of the treatment. It is important to know that dental implant treatment consists of two components: a surgical phase and a restorative phase.

Traditionally, a dental surgeon, like an oral surgeon or a periodontist, performs the dental implant surgery. A general dentist or prosthodontist and laboratory technician perform the restorative component. However, as implant dentistry has become more sophisticated, sometimes a dentist who specializes in restorative dentistry conducts the entire procedure.

How long has dental implant technology been available and what is the success rate?

The technology has been around for decades. In fact, some patients have had dental implants for more than 40 years. Hundreds of thousands of dental implants have been inserted with more than a 90% success rate. All other metal implants in the body (including hips and knees) are the result of the dental implant technology.

Are there different types of dental implants?

Yes, several types are available. The American Dental Association considers both the endosteal and the subperiosteal implants to be acceptable. An important factor for selection is to determine whether your jawbone can adequately support the implant. Most dental implants placed today are endosteal root form fixtures (similar to a man-made tooth root).

Is dental implant surgery available for a single missing tooth?

In the case of a single missing tooth, dental implant surgery is used to place a dental implant in the jawbone area of the missing tooth. The dental implant will serve as a replacement for a tooth root and an individual crown. The total apparatus is referred to as a single-tooth implant crown. Once in place, the dental implant crown will look, feel, and function like a natural tooth. They are cleaned and flossed just like natural teeth, and best of all, they do not require any special tools to clean around them like bridges. Although a dental implant will not decay, they require impeccable oral hygiene.

Our friendly staff will be pleased to explain a wide range of affordable financial options to fit your budget.

Dental Implant Evaluation

The first step is to schedule your evaluation and consultation.

  • Find out if you are a candidate for Doral dental implants.
  • Comprehensive oral exam.
  • Necessary X-rays.
  • Discuss your treatment options.
  • Get any questions answered

You’re probably asking yourself “Where can I find dental implants near me?” We’re here to answer that question for you.

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