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Digital X-Rays Miami Springs

Apple Dental Group’s office uses a Computed Dental Radiography System as an x-ray alternative. A computer enhances a "photo" of your teeth and shows it instantly on a screen. This new system requires 90% less radiation than the old film x-rays, and can magnify the image up to 300 times. It's as easy to read as a snapshot. When we discuss something we see in your mouth, you'll be able to view it right along with us.

For close to a century, dentists have used x-rays to detect cavities and damage invisible to the eye. We've long been aware of the drawbacks. Though x-ray radiation is slight, many patients find it a cause for concern. And reading the negative requires a skilled, professional eye-which means my patients can't see what we see. This is another reason why we use Computed Dental Radiography System as an x-ray alternative. At Apple Dental we stay on top of the latest and safest technology for our patients.

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